Monday, August 6, 2012

Snd Tip No22-Don’t spray and pray

Don’t spray and pray.
Be accurate and on point with your shots because shooting like a madman doesn’t gonna kill the enemy.Try to aim before shooting and only when you are sure you can get him.Try to shoot to the head or chest if your enemy is still and you can see him clearly.Spray and pray only works in close quarters when you don’t have enough time to aim down the sight and only when there is smoke and you know that somewhere inside there ,an enemy waits for you.
It’s all too tempting to simply hold down the trigger and volley off a barrage of bullets in the hope that you kill your target.  This is potentially suicidal. For one, if you don’t have a suppressor attached, you will give your position away on the radar when firing.Two, you will run out of bullets quicker and be forced to reload. Three, you will have a tough time hitting your target. Short, controlled bursts will reduce bullet spray and help you nail the chest and head area for quick kills. Be smart and disciplined.

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