Thursday, August 2, 2012

Snd Tip No15-Deception

Another important thing is to deceive your enemies.Make them believe you are somewhere else.Control your opponent’s attention.
Imagine that your enemy has planted the bomb.The bomb site has two entrances and you know that he is camping somewhere inside this area, looking both entrances.You can choose one entrance to enter and throw a flash or a stun grenade towards the other side of the map, near the other entrance.That way he will probably think that you are coming from that side and turn his eyes there.That gives you enough time to enter safely and make a quick check of the surrounding area ,looking for him.Mislead him and you might be the one with the advantage.Another thing you can do is to shoot a barrel near there,so he will be destracted by the late explosion,and turn his eyes over there.Use the contents of your skull and live to tell the story.

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