Thursday, August 2, 2012

Snd Tip No12-Choose your fights

Choose your fights
It's very important to know when to engage the enemy and when to flee.When you are in a place that gives you coverage or you are behind an enemy,then you can start a fight.Depending on your position as well as your opponent's,the map,the weapon and the  number of enemies,you choose to fight or not.For instance you cannot fire with a smg an enemy sniper that is far away.Not all fights can be won.Remember that there is a constant enemy,called lag.Another important thing is to know not only if you want a fight but also when to fight.It is more difficult to hit an opponent that moves from side to side in front of you (see tip no18). The opposite is true for characters coming right at you – or opponents moving away from you in a straight line.
The bottom line is this: Sometimes you will be better off by letting the enemy character pass instead engaging him from a difficult position.Then you will have him in the line you want.Be carefull though!
If you are following a moving enemy,don't try to shoot him while he moves especially if you are not close enough to him.Try to get near him and shoot him only when he is away from any objects he can take cover.Unmeasured factors such as lag,or a sudden movement can make you miss.
In some situations it's wise to hold your fire.For example when you discover an enemy character that is about to round a corner. Will you get enough hits to kill it before he disappears behind the corner?
You lose then your element of surprise and you have shown your position to him.Try to shoot only if you are sure you can get him.

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