Sunday, November 25, 2012

Snd Tip No52 - Advanced Team Tactics

Advanced Team Tactics

There are several tactics you can apply while playing as a team and there are also several things you can avoid.
First of all, what kind of team are you? Are you a team that is well organized? Is there communication among the teammates? How well do you know the other teammates and their style? Do you assign each player a different class or do you have random classes?

Let’s see some tips .There are 3 basic sections that needs your attention.

A)    Moving
When moving you have to follow some rules.
If you are a rusher you have to know well the map hot spots ,routes (tip no4) and times to get there (tip no1).It’s crucial to know when to sprint and how (tips no23 and no35).Be carefully when moving with other teammates.
 If you are moving in groups, it should be no more than three people because of
1) there would be less at the front lines to keep the enemy distracted and
2) more people will cause more movement and it will increase the chances of being seen. If possible go alone (tip no51).
Don’t go all together in one direction cause one single enemy could stun or flash you and eventually take out many of you, if not all. Also if you all move towards one direction with no one guarding your six o clock, then you may get surrounded by enemy rushers and get pinned down.

B)    Defending

Case 1
The team splits and covers both bombsites.
A good tip is to have several players with several different classes for more versatility (not only snipers for example).
Case 2
The team splits and covers both bombsites and possible ‘hot spot’ passages .Also one player rushes to the enemy spawn and infiltrates behind enemy lines .He can take  out any unsuspicious enemies ,cause panic to enemy lines ,distract and make the enemies to go to a defensive position ,slowing down their attack .Remember the best defend is attack.
Case 3
The team goes beyond the bombsites and goes for the kills. In that case there is a bigger possibility of losing for several reasons .First of all you can lose cause you won’t be able to defend the bombsites and the enemy will plant the bomb .If the enemy plants he has the advantage, cause planting makes the game coming to an end .The clock ticks backwards and you have only a few seconds to kill any defenders and defuse .Only if you have the numerical advantage you can increase your possibilities for win.

C)    Attacking

Case 1
Split and attack both bombsites. The team that hasn’t got the bomb could act as a decoy , retreating after causing noise and go support the team that has the bomb. That way the enemy forces will split as they won’t be able to know where your team will plant.
Case 2
Go all together in one bombsite. You  should proceed with caution. Don’t move all together. Cover your six ‘o clock ,cover all possible routes that an enemy could use to flank you . Plant. Take defensive positions.
Case 3
Go for the kill.
A team goes forward, searching for enemies. A few rushers go towards enemy spawns. Their job is to take out unsuspicious enemies , cause panic to enemy lines, distract and slow down enemies. If you are lucky enough the game could end without planting. Snd is an objective game so playing the objective (plant) could help you accelerate things to your advantage. If you plant, you have only a few seconds that you have to stay alive and defend. If you don’t plant and go for the kills , then you can play for a long period of time and eventually lose , cause you won’t be able to find the remaining enemy and kill him in time.

There is a video example of spawn traping.See what happens if you aren't so careful and you don't cover all passages.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Snd Tip No51 - Always Stay Away from Your Teammates if you Rush

Always Stay Away from Your Teammates if you Rush
If you stick with your team, you will have a better chance of being spotted and ultimately get yourself killed. Teammates will get you killed most of the time. You should always stay by yourself. If a teammate is moving with you, then go a different route unless you confirmed that he has a silencer and won't attract attention to the other team.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Snd Tip No50 - Use smoke


Use smoke
You can use smoke as a disappearing trick. When spotted, throw down
some smoke. After the smoke fills, move to a different location and hide. The smoke will conceal your movement, and the enemy won't be able to know where you hide and can't determine which direction you headed and most likely won't ever be able to find you.You can also use smoke if you are rushing.Throw a smoke grenade into an open area or passage and run through it ,hiden from enemy snipers.You can easily flank them and take them out causing panic into the whole enemy team.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Snd Tip No49 - Use enemy UAV to your advantage!

Use enemy UAV to your advantage!
 An enemy UAV being up is a GOOD thing when you use assassin. I know when our UAV is up ,i am given a sense of security,so does the enemy,so use it to your advantage! Having a false sense of security may lower the enemy's defenses.

Be careful though!
Being in your team's pack will only ruin it because you are in the middle of all your teammate's red dots,so you may get spotted or killed accidentally.If you are  a lone wolf ,behind enemy lines they'll never see your attack coming!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Snd Tip No48 - Use wisely your time and your killstreak time

Use wisely your time and your killstreak time

If you have earned a chopper,try to call it when you can earn the most of it, which is at the last minutes of the round,
when the enemies will be forced to come out from their hiding spots, in order to plant or to defend.
Then you can plant (if you can in a bombsite that is outside ,in an open area),and have the chopper to back you up.

Make the enemy  do 'forced' moves,planed by you,as they won't have any alternative.

I posted a video of a game  i recently played which shows exactly what i said above.Watch it and take example.In the video you can see some of the tips i am posting here ,taking place.
You can see that i sometimes rush and some other times i camp for a while waiting for the right moment to act (tip no16).You can notice at 0.46' how recon helps and the way that i plant at 3.18'.
I plant from the side that i control so i can cover my body as i don't know who might be checking from the other side.Also i am planting at that side of the bomb that i can see, and defend the bomb from a distance (tip no20).
I am also planting in time so i can benefit from my chopper which is already up.Only the enemies who use blind eye can move with safety at that time and that gives me extra time.The enemy will have to risk in order to get to bombsite.Also i can hear and see if my chopper shoots at a passing enemy,revealing his position to me.Even if the chopper fails to kill him,i will be prepared knowing the direction he moves.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Snd Tip No47 - Ways of exposing enemies

Ways of exposing enemies

There are several ways to know where an enemy might be.Pay attention to the signs during gameplay and expose the enemy.

Skull hunting
One way to know the area that your enemy is ,is to look at the skull that appears when a teammate dies.You will not know the exact position ,but a bigger area.Sometimes that might be enough especially when there is only one enemy remaining.You can set him a trap,or wait for him in an opening or a passway.You can also use that knowledge to deceive him or plant at the opposite side of the map,if you are attacking.

Mini map

The other obvious way to know where an enemy might be is the mini map.When you use uav, enemies that don't use assassin,as well as those who shoot without silencer appear in the minimap.

Recon is a very useful perk as every enemy that takes explosive or bullet damage is marked as a red arrow on the radar, which also shows the direction the enemy is facing.Be one step ahead!

Care packages
You can see the area that an enemy is, by locating the drop area of the care package he calls.Many times though there might be a trap with a booby traped care package so this doesn't work all the times.Be cautious and proceed.

Recon drones
Another way to get help is the recon drone.If you or one of your teamates calls the recon drone,the whole team might learn where all the enemies are.

Sit rep
Some times sitrep might help you expose an enemy.Sitrep gives you the ability to see all of the enemy equipment.If you are searching an area that don't have anything blinking and suddently you see an enemy claymore or any other equipment deployed at that time ,then an enemy is there and is preparing for camp or setting his traps.This is most useful at the begining of a round where enemies preparing their defences.If you are a quick rusher you might have the chance to see something like this.

Marksman is very usefull perk as it allows you to identify enemies from farther away by showing their names at a greater distance.You can see enemies that in any other circumstances you wouldn't be able to see.

Teamspeak or any other program that allows you to communicate with your teammates is a big advantage for you and your team.It allows you to exchange information realtime ,to learn where an enemy might be and to avoid unecessary actions.

Portable radar
Portable radar is another way to expose an enemy.It shows enemy movement within its radius once it has been deployed and helps you find the bad guys as long as they who don't use assassin.

Support killstreaks
Killstreaks as uav and advanced uav might give you great help and provide you with the necessery intel in order to accomplish your goal.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Snd Tip No46 - Dont try to steal your friend's care package

Dont try to steal your friend's care package

Dont try to steal your friend's care package. It makes you look like a noob. The only time where they approve packages being taken is when they use the Escort Airdrop or just leaves the package after seeing it.

Snd Tip No45 - Shoot Through Walls

Shoot Through Walls

The bullets in MW3 multiplayer can, to a greater or lesser extent, penetrate walls, doors and the like. In other words, there is no reason to refrain from firing some rounds, even if a wall or a door separates you and your opponent.

You will probably have to shoot more rounds than usual to kill the character, if he’s standing behind a door. Yet, the result is the same in the end. You win.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Snd Tip No44 - Dominate in a gunfight

Dominate in a gunfight

The rules for winning a gun fight in MW3.

There is a fundamental rule for success in Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer:
The first player to hit his opponent’s character with the required number of bullets wins.
Simple, right? Of course, there is more to it if you want to become an effective player.
The performance of your weapon,(damage-recoil-distance-proficiency-attachments), your skills at aiming, the speed of your reflexes and the strategies you choose to use are all important, too.
Here are some suggestions that will hopefully make it easier for you to succeed at killing your opponent.

What does it take?
The number of direct hits needed to kill a character varies from weapon to weapon.
So, how many rounds do you need to fire to kill a character?
Here are some general numbers:

    Assault Rifles: 2 to 5 rounds
    Submachine Guns: 3 to 6 rounds
    Light Machine Guns: 2 to 5 rounds
    Sniper Rifles: 1 to 2 rounds
    Shotguns: 1 round (at close range)
    Pistols & Revolvers: 3 to 6 rounds

As you may expect, the distance between you and the target is also an important factor. You will need to fire more rounds in order to kill a character over longer distances.All of these counts only if you supposingly play in a zero-lag game,but as we know there is no such thing as zero lag.So if you add the factor lag in the
equation,the numbers change.The bullets you may need might be slightly different.A general rule is to use an assault rifle in long ranges,and a sub machine gun in close quarter combats.In some cases spraying works better and quicker than aiming with some weapons.Perks as quickdraw or sleight of hand might give you a quicker response but some players in Snd don't want to lose assassin or extreme conditionning or recon.Try to figure out what works better for you depending on what type of player you are(rusher,camper etc).

Practice in aiming.Learn to shoot proper with the type of weapon you like to use.Some weapons need burst fire,some need always the kick proficiency and some need grip.Marksman can help you A LOT!Silencer might reduce the amount of damage your weapon does in distance,but in some cases might give you the extra time to complete your task,as the enemy might not be sure from where you firing.I have witnessed a fight where a sniper shoots a running enemy with silencer attached,and the enemy stops running and gets down to the ground cause he doesn't know where the bullets are coming from.Then the sniper kills him more easily cause he doesn't run anymore.If he had continued running than he might be alive.

Practice with your reflexes.Learn to turn quickly in short range battles.Adapt advanced battle technics (strafe shooting,falling down to the ground while shooting,or jump while
shooting)(see tip no18 ).It will be more difficult for the enemy to hit you with the necessary amount of bullets needed.
Only hits count. The only thing worse than a miss is a slow miss.

Choose your battles,and choose the right time to enter a fight(tip no12).Try to shoot only when you have a clear shot cause you will give your position when you will fire.You can't miss fast enough to win.Decide to be aggressive ENOUGH,quickly ENOUGH.Try to gain as much time as you can to deliver more bullets to the target than the enemy.
When engaging multiple enemies try to hit and run one at a time.Flash or stun,engage one or two,leave-take cover,re-engage from a different route and deceive.
If you are not shooting, you should be communicating, reloading and running.
And remember:
If you’re in a gun fight:
If you’re not shooting, you should be loading.
If you’re not loading, you should be moving.
If you’re not shooting, moving or loading, you’re probably dead.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Snd Tip No43 - Always Be Ready For More

Always Be Ready For More

They often come in pairs (or more). Be careful when you’ve just killed an opponent’s character. Often there are one or two others coming right behind the one you just killed.
Be ready to fire again. Consider waiting to reload your weapon until you are quite sure that no other enemy character is nearby to make life miserable for you.

(tip from

Snd Tip No42 - Overcome betties

Bouncing Betties can be overcome by proning
Becides Stalker pro there is another easy way to avoid betties.Anyone can survive a bouncing betty as long as they hear it go off and have a fast prone reaction.Practice and be ready!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Snd Tip No41 - Don't change classes when you have earned killstreaks

Don't change classes when you have earned killstreaks
Changing classes will make you lose progression on the pointstreak you're having.So do it only when you haven't earned any killstreak or only when it's absolutely necessary.

Snd Tip No40 - Learn to fool an enemy hacked care package

Learn to fool an enemy hacked care package
I gave a tip for leaving alone enemy care packages.In general terms there is one of the best advice i can give you,but if you want to spent some time with it there is a way.There are some tips for knowing if there is a trap or not.First of all you can use sitrep pro.This perk allows you to see if a care package is trapped.If it glows red then its a trap.But that's obvious.If you use sitrep then you can say whether its a trap or not,but what if you don't want to use it and prefer another perk?Don't worry cause there is an 'almost' safe way to do it.First of all you have to check the area cause as i said in a previous tip there is a possibility that an enemy camps somewhere near waiting for someone to claim the care package.Eliminate this possibility or eliminate the camper and move forward for the plan.Go near the package until the F button appears(or any other button you have assigned to).Then turn to face the other way ready to run away quickly.Press F to capture the care package.If you hear the annoying sound of the bomb that's going to blow off, run quickly and you won't die.You might hurt yourself a little but you gonna survive.Don't go too near or it won't work.You must be in the biggest distance so you can manage to leave in time.If it's done right than you only gonna hurt a little.Another way is to use bulletproof vest.Using a vest will save your life if you are near the explosion.On the contrary blast shield won't.

Of course there are some other ways too but none of them are sure and also many of them can be applied in other type of games such TDM or Domination where you can spawn again and continue playing.
Let's see some of them anyway...

1)If you die near an enemy care package by an enemy then watch the killcam.If you see in the killcam that he sees the care package with a killstreak, then its real.If he sees skulls on it ,then it's fake.Also you can do this even if you died far from the care package.Normaly the enemy will be able to see the care package even if he is too far cause it's visible in the map with an arrow pointing the direction that was delivered,with the killstreak that's in it.If it's a fake one ,then he won't be able to see the icon.
2)The place that the care package lands.If its in the middle of the map with enemies around ,then it's probably fake.
3)If there are enemies that defend it or trying to capture it ,then it's probably real.If you kill someone that he is trying to get it and then he comes again,or if the other enemies throw flash,stuns or anything else in order to slow you down or prevent you from capture it, then it must be real.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Snd Tip No39 - Hover your thumb over the ‘knife’ button while reloading

Hover your thumb over the ‘knife’ button while reloading.
Again, for those using tactical button layout, consider keeping that thumb ready to knife while reloading either to cancel your reload, or to get out of sticky situations

Monday, September 24, 2012

Snd Tip No38 - Stick to the outsides of the maps

Stick to the outsides of the maps
This should reduce number of sight lines, and there are many in this game.An enemy sniper might watches,so avoid the middle of the map and the open areas.

This, of course, will also allow you to flank the enemy. It is an extremely good idea in Snd where you could be shot form anywhere and any angle.Cover your 6 o`clock and move forward.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Snd Tip No37 - Decide your part in the team

Decide your part in the team
Are you the type of player that wants to rush,or the one who takes the bomb
and goes for plant?
There are many players that don't understand ,that above all ,search and
destroy is an objective game and that an objective has to be played.It's not
neccessary all the times to end the round with an exploding bomb,as you
can end the round by killing all the enemies,but there are many cases that
you can't do otherwise(talking about the offence).I have played many games
in which a stupid teammate takes the bomb and camps the whole round at
spawn,or goes afk.It's so stupid!!!If you want to camp or go afk DON'T 
take the bomb.Let another one do this.Also many players take the bomb
and rush all the way to the enemy's spawn.If they die there, then the remaining
team has a lot more to do to win the round.The enemies may have noticed the
bomb and set a trap for anyone who comes there.They don't have to split their
forces in two defending the bombsites,as the bomb is in front of them.If you
want to rush DON'T take the bomb.Decide what type of player you want to
be in that round.A stupid teammate can be more dangerous then the enemy 
and may destroy the whole team.

Noobs are Dangerous!!!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Snd Tip No36 - Follow a teammate rusher.

Follow a teammate rusher.
If you are unfamiliar with the map and you are a new player in snd you can follow a teammate.Experienced players know the routes and the trick spots,so they can avoid them easily.Also they can take out some enemies during their route so you can follow them with safety until you get to the enemy's spawn.Be carefull though. If following someone, stay at close distance behind him but not too close in case there are snipers or a camper.If they try to take out your teammate you can spot them and take them out,saving your teammate's life.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Snd Tip No35 - Sprinting tips

Sprinting tips
In order to improve your gameplay you must learn to sprint properly.Sprinting gives you force ,surprises the enemy and gets you faster anywhere.But also may get you killed.
A good tip for sprinting is to never sprint inside buildings-You have to sprint only in open spaces when there are many possibilities for the enemy to spot you and take you out with a sniper or rifle.Inside buildings and close spaces you have to walk carefully especially when passing a door and entering a room.An enemy may guards the place and take you out easily.When sprinting you need much more time to aim down the sight than someone who camps or walks.That's a huge disadvantage in a gunfight.(see tip no 23). The only time you may sprint or jump when entering a room is ONLY when you know exactly where your enemy is (especially if marked with recon,or flashed with a grenade), and your enemy also knows your position and that you are about to enter the room. Someone flashed may pre-shoot in order to get you by luck or prevent you from entering as he is flashed and knows he is a sitting duck.That way you may surprise  him and enter fast (sprint) and in a way that he won't be able to aim you(jump).

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Snd Tip No34 - Undefusable bomb spots

 Undefusable bomb spots

Learn how you can plant a bomb so the enemy won't be able to defuse it if he doesn't know the trick,or if he knows it,will spent much time doing it.You can earn some time if you are away from the bomb,and you will have much easier job defending it as he will be busy trying to find the way to defuse.There are many maps who offer the possibility of planting in a way that it's more difficult or time consuming to defuse.Learn them,practice enough and go plant some bombs!!!

Example video

Friday, August 31, 2012

Snd Tip No33 - Use callouts if playing with a team

Use callouts if playing with a team

Use callouts if you are playing with a team.
If you are not alone ,but playing with a team and have mics to communicate,then you can use callouts for giving your enemy's position.It's very helpfull especially when you are in a hurry and want to be quick and exact in your description.You can make your own callouts for each map or search the internet as there are many callouts ready for several maps ,already posted in many sites.In example i give you the callouts for the map Resistance as posted by  TmarTn.

Resistance callouts


Friday, August 24, 2012

Snd Tip No32 - Never reload in the open

Never reload in the open

You are at your most vulnerable when you’re reloading. You can’t do anything once you hit reload, so it’s possibly the worst thing you can do in the middle of a fight. It’s wise to reload every time you know you have a spare second, and most importantly, when you’re behind cover. There’s nothing worse than running out of bullets when going face to face with an enemy who has a full clip. It’s wise to reload when you’re down to a quarter clip of bullets.

(Tip from Dave Cook)

Snd Tip No31 - Never aim from the same spot

Never aim from the same spot

If you find yourself locked in an exchange with a particular enemy, the worst thing you can do is poke your head out to aim, retreat, and then poke your head out from the exact same spot. You will die most of the time doing this.
Instead, go prone and edge out, or walk around the cover you were behind to get a new angle on your attacker. While they’re waiting for you to poke your head out again, you have plenty of time to flank them. 

Snd Tip No30 - Cook Grenades

Cook Grenades

Never, ever just throw a grenade with a full timer. This gives your target far too much time to notice the grenade on their HUD and escape before it detonates. Holding it for just a second longer will increase your chances.Also, if you see a sniper in a window who is camping, walk around the area they’re firing in, good a grenade until the very last second and hurl it right in for an easy kill. The same goes for buildings full of campers. Learn to do it right and maybe you can reach Chuck Norris!!!

Chuck Norris throw a grenade killed 60 people then the grenade exploded!

(Tip from Dave Cook)