Friday, August 3, 2012

Snd Tip No20 - Planting right

Planting right
Don't plant in a side of the bombsite that you can defend only from a near position.The enemy will have smaller area to check for a defender.Especially when you plant against many enemies,then your chances are getting fewer.Choose a side that you can see the bomb and defend from afar.That way ,you have better chances against many enemies,especially if you use silencer cause they won't be able to tell where you are.Even if they find you in a later time they will have lost precious time and may not be possible to defuse on time.(see video below)
Also when planting crouch so it will be more difficult for the enemy to spot you.Another good advice when planting is to turn your body facing the way you want to go after planting so you won't lose any time ,trying to find your way out of the "hot spot".

Video example

Another video example

(4 kills-1 minute)

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