Thursday, August 2, 2012

Snd Tip No16- Moving-camping balance

Moving-camping balance
You have to know when to run and when to camp.Both are needed for a right and successful game.Do not camp all the time cause eventually they will find you.Even if you manage to kill one or two enemies,the others will take you out.A static player is an easy target,especially if you camp all the time in the same spots.Remember,the enemy learns from your actions.On the other hand a player who runs all the time, is going to end dead soon.Even if you surprise on or two enemies eventually you will make a mistake.Running offers you speed and the element of surprise ,but doesn't allow you to observe all the map clearly and a camping-hidden enemy will see you easily.Also you are more likely to miss a claymore and fall into a trap.You must learn when to run and when to camp,and find the right dosage depending on the map and the enemy's style.

Camping inside a wheel????

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