Thursday, August 2, 2012

Snd Tip No13-Stay off the radar

Stay off the radar
In Snd it's crucial to be invisible.Try to stay off the radar.You have only one chance to succeed.Use assassin for the UAV's and most important ,use silencer to all your weapons.When you want to make more than one kills, then you must choose silenced weapons.A silenced weapon might have less firepower in a long range but can keep you alive ,especially if you are among multiple enemies and you are alone.A silencer can hide you,but you must also move constantly,in order to confuse the enemy.If you kill half the enemy team inside a room, it's obvious that you camp there.

Another thing that might betray you,is knifing.Don't try to knife someone that is near you,if you have silencer in your weapon and enough bullets.It's better to kill him with your weapon cause the other enemies won't be able to see the position you fired.If you knife,then they will know your exact position and they will come for you.

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