Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Snd Tip No11-Classes

Depending on how you want to play ,you have to set up the right classes.A rusher ,for instance, is good to have extreme conditioning for running fast or maybe recon for marking his enemies,assassin and dead silence.A person who likes to camp and defend, might change dead silence with sit rep,so he can here the enemies coming,as sit rep pro canceles dead silence and you can hear loud all the footsteps.
A sniper on the other hand,will choose something else.In general terms it's good to have assassin as you want to be invisible all the time.An other thing you have to know is that you must adjust accordingly to your enemy.If most enemies use sit rep pro there is no meaning to have dead silence in your class.Also choose wisely your killstreaks.If you want to be a team player,then choose support killstreaks.If you want to be aggressive choose assault killstreaks.It's good to know how good are you ,and till where you can get.Know your limits and pick your pointstreaks accordingly.Stick to rewards you know you can achieve.If you can make easily 3 or 5 kills,choose your first slot to begin from there.That way you can give yourself a boost and get to a higher killstreak.Try to have near killstreaks so you can earn them easily.There is no use if you have chosen slot 3 and then slot 12 cause it's a long  way till there and probably you will be dead untill then.Remember it's Search and Destroy ,not Team Deathmatch,so be realistic when setting your killstreaks and set them to a more achievable level.

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