Sunday, September 9, 2012

Snd Tip No35 - Sprinting tips

Sprinting tips
In order to improve your gameplay you must learn to sprint properly.Sprinting gives you force ,surprises the enemy and gets you faster anywhere.But also may get you killed.
A good tip for sprinting is to never sprint inside buildings-You have to sprint only in open spaces when there are many possibilities for the enemy to spot you and take you out with a sniper or rifle.Inside buildings and close spaces you have to walk carefully especially when passing a door and entering a room.An enemy may guards the place and take you out easily.When sprinting you need much more time to aim down the sight than someone who camps or walks.That's a huge disadvantage in a gunfight.(see tip no 23). The only time you may sprint or jump when entering a room is ONLY when you know exactly where your enemy is (especially if marked with recon,or flashed with a grenade), and your enemy also knows your position and that you are about to enter the room. Someone flashed may pre-shoot in order to get you by luck or prevent you from entering as he is flashed and knows he is a sitting duck.That way you may surprise  him and enter fast (sprint) and in a way that he won't be able to aim you(jump).

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