Saturday, October 13, 2012

Snd Tip No48 - Use wisely your time and your killstreak time

Use wisely your time and your killstreak time

If you have earned a chopper,try to call it when you can earn the most of it, which is at the last minutes of the round,
when the enemies will be forced to come out from their hiding spots, in order to plant or to defend.
Then you can plant (if you can in a bombsite that is outside ,in an open area),and have the chopper to back you up.

Make the enemy  do 'forced' moves,planed by you,as they won't have any alternative.

I posted a video of a game  i recently played which shows exactly what i said above.Watch it and take example.In the video you can see some of the tips i am posting here ,taking place.
You can see that i sometimes rush and some other times i camp for a while waiting for the right moment to act (tip no16).You can notice at 0.46' how recon helps and the way that i plant at 3.18'.
I plant from the side that i control so i can cover my body as i don't know who might be checking from the other side.Also i am planting at that side of the bomb that i can see, and defend the bomb from a distance (tip no20).
I am also planting in time so i can benefit from my chopper which is already up.Only the enemies who use blind eye can move with safety at that time and that gives me extra time.The enemy will have to risk in order to get to bombsite.Also i can hear and see if my chopper shoots at a passing enemy,revealing his position to me.Even if the chopper fails to kill him,i will be prepared knowing the direction he moves.

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