Thursday, September 20, 2012

Snd Tip No37 - Decide your part in the team

Decide your part in the team
Are you the type of player that wants to rush,or the one who takes the bomb
and goes for plant?
There are many players that don't understand ,that above all ,search and
destroy is an objective game and that an objective has to be played.It's not
neccessary all the times to end the round with an exploding bomb,as you
can end the round by killing all the enemies,but there are many cases that
you can't do otherwise(talking about the offence).I have played many games
in which a stupid teammate takes the bomb and camps the whole round at
spawn,or goes afk.It's so stupid!!!If you want to camp or go afk DON'T 
take the bomb.Let another one do this.Also many players take the bomb
and rush all the way to the enemy's spawn.If they die there, then the remaining
team has a lot more to do to win the round.The enemies may have noticed the
bomb and set a trap for anyone who comes there.They don't have to split their
forces in two defending the bombsites,as the bomb is in front of them.If you
want to rush DON'T take the bomb.Decide what type of player you want to
be in that round.A stupid teammate can be more dangerous then the enemy 
and may destroy the whole team.

Noobs are Dangerous!!!

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