Sunday, November 25, 2012

Snd Tip No52 - Advanced Team Tactics

Advanced Team Tactics

There are several tactics you can apply while playing as a team and there are also several things you can avoid.
First of all, what kind of team are you? Are you a team that is well organized? Is there communication among the teammates? How well do you know the other teammates and their style? Do you assign each player a different class or do you have random classes?

Let’s see some tips .There are 3 basic sections that needs your attention.

A)    Moving
When moving you have to follow some rules.
If you are a rusher you have to know well the map hot spots ,routes (tip no4) and times to get there (tip no1).It’s crucial to know when to sprint and how (tips no23 and no35).Be carefully when moving with other teammates.
 If you are moving in groups, it should be no more than three people because of
1) there would be less at the front lines to keep the enemy distracted and
2) more people will cause more movement and it will increase the chances of being seen. If possible go alone (tip no51).
Don’t go all together in one direction cause one single enemy could stun or flash you and eventually take out many of you, if not all. Also if you all move towards one direction with no one guarding your six o clock, then you may get surrounded by enemy rushers and get pinned down.

B)    Defending

Case 1
The team splits and covers both bombsites.
A good tip is to have several players with several different classes for more versatility (not only snipers for example).
Case 2
The team splits and covers both bombsites and possible ‘hot spot’ passages .Also one player rushes to the enemy spawn and infiltrates behind enemy lines .He can take  out any unsuspicious enemies ,cause panic to enemy lines ,distract and make the enemies to go to a defensive position ,slowing down their attack .Remember the best defend is attack.
Case 3
The team goes beyond the bombsites and goes for the kills. In that case there is a bigger possibility of losing for several reasons .First of all you can lose cause you won’t be able to defend the bombsites and the enemy will plant the bomb .If the enemy plants he has the advantage, cause planting makes the game coming to an end .The clock ticks backwards and you have only a few seconds to kill any defenders and defuse .Only if you have the numerical advantage you can increase your possibilities for win.

C)    Attacking

Case 1
Split and attack both bombsites. The team that hasn’t got the bomb could act as a decoy , retreating after causing noise and go support the team that has the bomb. That way the enemy forces will split as they won’t be able to know where your team will plant.
Case 2
Go all together in one bombsite. You  should proceed with caution. Don’t move all together. Cover your six ‘o clock ,cover all possible routes that an enemy could use to flank you . Plant. Take defensive positions.
Case 3
Go for the kill.
A team goes forward, searching for enemies. A few rushers go towards enemy spawns. Their job is to take out unsuspicious enemies , cause panic to enemy lines, distract and slow down enemies. If you are lucky enough the game could end without planting. Snd is an objective game so playing the objective (plant) could help you accelerate things to your advantage. If you plant, you have only a few seconds that you have to stay alive and defend. If you don’t plant and go for the kills , then you can play for a long period of time and eventually lose , cause you won’t be able to find the remaining enemy and kill him in time.

There is a video example of spawn traping.See what happens if you aren't so careful and you don't cover all passages.


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