Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Snd Tip No40 - Learn to fool an enemy hacked care package

Learn to fool an enemy hacked care package
I gave a tip for leaving alone enemy care packages.In general terms there is one of the best advice i can give you,but if you want to spent some time with it there is a way.There are some tips for knowing if there is a trap or not.First of all you can use sitrep pro.This perk allows you to see if a care package is trapped.If it glows red then its a trap.But that's obvious.If you use sitrep then you can say whether its a trap or not,but what if you don't want to use it and prefer another perk?Don't worry cause there is an 'almost' safe way to do it.First of all you have to check the area cause as i said in a previous tip there is a possibility that an enemy camps somewhere near waiting for someone to claim the care package.Eliminate this possibility or eliminate the camper and move forward for the plan.Go near the package until the F button appears(or any other button you have assigned to).Then turn to face the other way ready to run away quickly.Press F to capture the care package.If you hear the annoying sound of the bomb that's going to blow off, run quickly and you won't die.You might hurt yourself a little but you gonna survive.Don't go too near or it won't work.You must be in the biggest distance so you can manage to leave in time.If it's done right than you only gonna hurt a little.Another way is to use bulletproof vest.Using a vest will save your life if you are near the explosion.On the contrary blast shield won't.

Of course there are some other ways too but none of them are sure and also many of them can be applied in other type of games such TDM or Domination where you can spawn again and continue playing.
Let's see some of them anyway...

1)If you die near an enemy care package by an enemy then watch the killcam.If you see in the killcam that he sees the care package with a killstreak, then its real.If he sees skulls on it ,then it's fake.Also you can do this even if you died far from the care package.Normaly the enemy will be able to see the care package even if he is too far cause it's visible in the map with an arrow pointing the direction that was delivered,with the killstreak that's in it.If it's a fake one ,then he won't be able to see the icon.
2)The place that the care package lands.If its in the middle of the map with enemies around ,then it's probably fake.
3)If there are enemies that defend it or trying to capture it ,then it's probably real.If you kill someone that he is trying to get it and then he comes again,or if the other enemies throw flash,stuns or anything else in order to slow you down or prevent you from capture it, then it must be real.

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