Sunday, July 29, 2012

Snd Tip No8-Convert a disadvantage to an advantage

Convert a disandvantage to an advantage
In case you made a mistake or a false move, don't worry.You can still benefit from it.Imagine you accidentally  pull the trigger (   not me ;)  ) and you don't have a silencer (very wrong).The enemy will be able to see you in the radar , and will close on you shortly.Take advantage from it.Get to a nice defensive position that will give you better view or better cover.Put a trap waiting for him or them.(claymore next to a barrel or a car) ,or even better,run quickly (and carefully) to the other side of the map and make a quick plant(if you are attacking) . Until the enemy gets there he will have lost precious time.When an enemy has only a few seconds to defuse it's possible not to try it.There is not enough time to search for defenders and to defuse.A light usage of brain power and some easy tricks will get you far.

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