Saturday, July 28, 2012

Snd Tip No6-Use of "Force multipliers"

Use of "Force multipliers"
A force multiplier is an object ,a weapon or a perk that if used right and wisely can multiply the benefits that you can get from it.Such a thing is the perk recon.Recon can help you in many ways.You can benefit from it in many ways cause it affects not only your grenades but also your weapons if you got it pro.It marks your enemy in the radar and make them visible for a few seconds.Imagine a stunned or flashed enemy that cannot see or move,visible in the radar next to you.He is already dead.Especially in small maps or narrow areas you can prenade the enemies and mark them for all your teammates.All of your team can benefit from it.That's a force multiplier.Even if you are alone against many enemies you can get a lot of help.Another thing is the right usage of your knowledge.Many weapons can help you in many ways.Use them wisely.Use the knowledge in the right way.Imagine that you start a round with a predator you earned in the previous round.Using the predator is going to give you one or more kills if you are lucky enough,but that's not the only thing you can earn from it.You can also see in the monitor where your enemies are.That's a knowledge you have to use.Imagine in the same example that one enemy has called an assault drone.Using your predator you can easily take out the drone.But that's not the only option you have.You can kill some other enemy that maybe rushes and threatens  your teammates.Then you can go in the spot you saw in your predator monitor that he was camping in order to use the drone.He will be busy using his killstreak so he will be an easy kill.Use your knowledge wisely!

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