Thursday, July 26, 2012

Snd Tip No1-Speed,Element of surprise

Speed-Element of surpise
In order to achieve the maximum surprise to the enemy it's very important to get to a specific key-point before him.This key-point might be a neuralgic place in the center of the map,or a specific place behind enemy spawn.If you get there,then you can take a defensive position and wait for the unsuspected enemy,or (most important) in the case of the spawn,you can easily take out many enemies cause they won't expect you to be there so soon.In many cases,many players are spawning late cause of lag,or cause they choose a class for too long.In small maps you can easily surprise the enemy and take him out.The advantage is already yours.Many good rushers depending on the map,know many different routes (for both spawns),and how many seconds are needed to get to a specific key-point.Practice and surprise!

         Rush example

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