Sunday, July 29, 2012

Snd Tip No7-Study the enemy

Study the enemy
It's important to study the enemy and learn from him.What are his habits,what weapons,perks and killstreak he uses,what are his favorite routes and how much time he wants to move.Learning that,you can predict many of his moves.That gives you an advantage.You can earn this knowledge from a face to face meeting,from one of your killcams or from watching your teammates playing while you're dead.Especially the killcams can reveal to you many of the enemies camping spots,and routes.You can see where an enemy camps,if he have claymores,another teammate with him,where he looks and many other things.that way you will be prepared in the next round and you will choose another approach.Watch out though.While you study the enemy,he studies you also.So if you managed to kill him in a previous round don't try the same way cause you might die.You must have many different routes and tactics as long as hiding-camping spots (if you are defending).Depending on the enemy you must adjust your gameplay and tactics.

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